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Reddish male swallows have short sperm

Abstract Sexual selection favors the evolution of pre-copulatory sexual traits such as ornamentation and post-copulatory sexual traits such as long sperm, but the interrelationships of the two types of sexual ...

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Invasive Italian wall lizards outcompete native congeneric species in finding food in a Y-maze

Abstract Though biological invasions constitute one of the biggest threats for global biodiversity, our understanding of the mechanisms that enable invasive species to outperform native species is still limited, especially, in terms of behavior. Most available studies have examined behavioral traits which favor invasive species on the later stages of invasion, however, our knowledge on earlier stages, namely, when alien species face novel environments and must exploit new resources, remains obscure. Here, we focus on one crucial behavioral trait, finding food. The Italian wall lizard (Podarcis siculus) has been widely introduced and established viable populations in S. Europe and N.

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No evidence of spatial representation of age, but “own-age bias” like face processing found in chimpanzees

Abstract Previous studies have revealed that non-human primates can differentiate the age category of faces. However, the knowledge about age recognition in non-human primates is very limited and whether non-human primates can process facial age information in a similar way to humans is unknown. As humans have an association between time and space (e.g., a person in an earlier life stage to the left and a person in a later life stage to the right), we investigated whether chimpanzees spatially represent conspecifics’ adult and infant faces. Chimpanzees were tested using an identical matching-to-sample task with conspecific adult and infant face

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